Favourite Online Suppliers

As I live in an area of the country which sadly has few fabric shops, I have to do most of my purchasing online.  I would recommend the following suppliers:
  • Pennine Fabrics - I normally use their Facebook page to order, but they are helpful and are happy to give advice.  The prices for the fabrics on offer are amazing, and they frequently have special offers.  Postage is normally by My Hermes courier and I have never had a problem..
  • Plush Addict - I have used this company for zippers so far, but have fallen in love with their fabrics.  The service is excellent, and another company that are happy to help you if you are not sure what you need
  • Minerva Crafts - I have personally only had good service when I have ordered material and patterns from this company, however I am aware that there can sometimes be issues with orders.  They were happy to change a delivery address for me after an order was placed, and dispatch times have been excellent.  They have a huge range so definitely worth a look.
  • Mitts and Bits Fabrics - This is another company that is mostly on Facebook, but that gives excellent service and prices.  Adorable polycotton prints from £2 per metre, and 100% cottons from £4.75 a meter.
  • Croft Mill - I only recently found this supplier, and am amazed by the quality.  I got 100% cotton shirting materials for £3.50 a meter and it is fantastic.  Postage is fairly high, and did make me think twice about ordering, but definitely worth it.

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