About me

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I very recently started sewing having been given a Brother sewing machine as a wedding present.

Sewing is a great way to keep myself busy in the evenings, and I've found it highly addictive.  However, it can also be expensive, so I always have an eye out for bargains and special offers.  Hopefully I can pass some of these finds on to you so that everyone can enjoy making their own clothes and other things within a budget.

As well as sewing, I also knit and do cross stitch, I sometimes struggle to be able to sew due to some medical conditions, and love that I have other crafts that I can do while mostly lying down.

When I'm not making things, I mostly hang out with my wonderful husband and our fur baby, the original Cala who the blog is named after.  Cala loves to try and help, mostly by sitting on the fabric or tucking the ball of wool under her.  My husband is an artist, so our flat is full of all sorts of projects at any one time.

The Original Cala

I look forward to getting to know you


  1. Hello Cala. Are you a shi tzu. I know one that sits on my fabric also as you can see here

    I hope you enjoy lots of sewing and manage to find some bargains - I mostly manage to make things at a good price.

    1. She is a little Cavalier Spaniel, the tell-tale ears are hidden in her fluffy blanket.

      Finding bargains makes it all the more fun, I think the most I have spent on a piece of fabric was £5/m for some high quality cotton (post to follow soon!)